Aging Life Care Management

Guiding you through the complex challenges of healthcare & aging

Our Aging Life Care Managers are available to you and your family 24/7.

Aging Life Care Managers are extensively trained in nursing, gerontology, social work, psychology, and occupational and physical therapy, with a specialized focus on age-related issues and elder care.

They are highly educated and know local medical and service providers — they’ll get you or your loved one the support you need. This is especially helpful to anyone who isn’t versed in navigating the medical system or could use the support of a professional manager to help coordinate the complex details involved in maintaining the highest quality of life at home. They are dependable advisors and confidants who can be relied upon in trying circumstances and trusted with personal affairs.

Here when you need us.

Our Aging Life Care Managers are at your service, acting as trusted advisors while helping you navigate complex systems and situations

How to know if an Aging Life Care Manager is right for you

  • Looking for best provider recommendations.
  • Family caregivers live far away or aren’t always available.
  • Worried about a loved one not accepting help.
  • Family can’t agree and needs a non-biased mediator.
  • Want someone dedicated to managing healthcare needs and medical appointments.
  • Overwhelmed navigating medical or long-term care insurance.
  • Want help managing finances, estate issues, utilities, household repairs and maintenance.
  • Physical needs are changing, and you are unsure about how to proceed.
  • Hands-on guidance throughout the process of exploring and selecting an assisted living facility.
  • Looking for a skilled advocate available 24/7 for hospital visits.
  • Concern that household service providers are taking advantage.
  • Assistance coordinating a move.
  • Help screening mail and calls.

Unlike referral agencies, Montcordia's Aging Life Care Managers abide by a strict code of ethics that prohibits them from accepting financial compensation in exchange for referrals

Why Aging Life Care Managers Are So Important

  • Family or Aging Life Care Manager can implement a care plan, or they can work as a team.
  • Act as a trusted advisor.
  • Find the best industry specialists.
  • Ensure physicians are coordinating efforts and prescriptions.
  • Arrange medical appointments and act as a personal assistant.
  • Provide companionship at medical visits, acting as an advocate and helping to remember crucial information.
  • Help schedule follow-up appointments.
  • Coordinate with physicians and help keep family aware of findings and recommendations.
  • Assist with discharge from hospital to home or rehab. If rehab is required, ALCM will recommend the best rehab facilities and coordinate placement; if direct to home, ensure appropriate supports are in place upon return.
  • Tour smaller homes, communities such as Independent or Assisted Living together, make recommendations based on fit and needs.
  • Plan and coordinate the entire move.
  • Monitor new environment and services, adjust as needed.
  •  Help interview agencies and care providers.
  • Monitor supports and coordinate necessary changes.
  • Act as a trusted companion who will coordinate financial and legal affairs, and insurance coverage.
  • Assist with navigating long-term care and health insurance.
  • Connect with daily money manager to help pay bills, manage checkbook and assist with tax records.
  • Recommend elder law attorneys.
  • Act as a personal assistant to coordinate homecare providers, cleaning companies, private chefs, landscapers, internet service installation, etc.
  • Ensure those in our care are not taken advantage of.
  • Screen, select and manage household services.
  • Provide updates to family and collaborate as needed.
  • Ensure home remains accessible and safe.
  • Make sure medications are taken as prescribed.
  • Identify barriers and implement support strategies.
  • Manage meal preparation services, nutritionists, home chefs or home care agencies that provide meal prep.
  • Available 24/7 for unexpected hospitalizations and other emergencies.